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An early start for a vacation


We hope to leave early this morning on our vacation trip; well,  early for our family.

In anticipating our departure, I’m reminded of a favorite movie, The Great Santini.  For those who don’t know the film,  it revolves around Bull Meecham, a Marine fighter pilot played by Robert Duvall, and his often-abusive relationship with his family.

Meecham is far from a fatherhood role model, but as our family gets ready for the trip, I wish we could emulate the Meechams’ travel schedule: hit the road before dawn to beat traffic.

We hoped to leave today at 7 a.m. on the first leg of our Niagara Falls- Toronto-Ithaca trip. That’s after dawn, but before the morning commute. We planned to install the roof rack and luggage container on the car early yesterday evening and then load up the car.

A 7 a.m. departure is a major undertaking for a family that couldn’t get away for one trip until 6 p.m., some years back. Things have changed since then. My oldest son, 17, hates to leave late and is an ally in moving the family along. He is a big help with the roof rack/luggage container installation.

Who knows, maybe we might even sing at the top of our lungs as we head down the road. It could help me stay awake.

Have you ever tried to leave before dawn on a vacation trip? What was that like? 

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