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Eye-popping summer camp price increases


Snow is still covering the ground, but many parents, myself included, are starting to make plans for the summer. For many kids, that means camp. Brochures are starting to arrive from local camps. The prices on many are eye-popping.

The Girl Scouts, long one of the less expensive options, has increased its prices by 17 percent. A week at Camp Addisone Boyce, in the wooded, rural, Rockland community of Tomkins Cove, cost $300 per week last year. This summer, the cost has soared to $350 per week.

While the price is still lower than fancy, private camps, that’s a big increase (in the midst of a recession) especially for kids who would normally attend for all six weeks.

I sent an e-mail last week to the head of Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, which includes Westchester, Rockland and Putnam, asking why the price has gone up so much.

So far, no answer.

I bet the 17 percent price jump will keep many girls from attending this summer as their parents struggle in this bad economy.

I’m sure that camp will be on the casualty list for many families dealing with unemployment and financial uncertainty this summer.

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