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One, two, five


I got a bit nervous recently when a former colleague told me that her 16-month-old daughter was counting to 15 and could recite the alphabet.

My son, a month older, knew the letter A and the number 5. He had to know five – his grandmother counts to five with him every time she sees him and I taught him how to High Five months ago. Couldn’t really explain though why he hadn’t picked up the first four numbers.

But with a bit of prompting, once we say 1 now, or 1 and 2, he usually follows up with the next few numbers. Curiously, though, he always knows 4 now and also 6 but sometimes skips 5. When we read him Sandra Boynton’s ‘Hippos Go Berserk’, in addition to screaming out ‘Bus’ as several of the hippos leave the party on a bus, he always stops and yells ‘Four’ when 4 hippos arrive. We aren’t sure why he knows 6, other than it comes after 5 and 7 isn’t far behind. We think 4 is on his mind because that’s the floor he lives on so he’s always pushing that number on the elevator (although by that logic, he should also know the letter L because he’s always pushing it for lobby).

Anyway, he’s getting there.

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